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The Flower is Forgot

עודכן: 10 ביוני 2022

In the Israeli school system, the life and works of national poet Hayyim Nahman Bialik are not taught properly

By: Tamar Rotem

..."This is an absurd situation because students do not purchase the books but photocopy from them," says Shamir. Furthermore, she adds, it is not possible to 􀁿find Bialik's complete works on the shelves of every bookstore, so that in effect, instead of encouraging and promoting Bialik's poetry among young audiences, the publisher is ensuring that it will be ignored......"Of the poets of his time," says Shamir, "Bialik was a unique phenomenon, and supposedly he is greatly respected and an attempt is made to glorify him. Paradoxically, though, there is no attempt to get to the bottom of the phenomenon."....


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